About Us

Introduction to FLAL

         The Department of Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics (FLAL) was founded in 2000, when the former National Chung Hsing University’s College of Business and Law was officially renamed National Taipei University. This department was one of the first departments established at the San Xia campus of this new university. There are currently fourteen fulltime faculty members:  three full professors, four  associate professors, three assistant professors, and three lecturers; in addition, there are fourteen adjunct lecturers and one research assistant. Around fifty-two students are accepted each year. At present, there are two hundred and eighteen students studying in this department.

        Our courses aim to help students acquire professional-level language proficiencies through an interdisciplinary approach, tailored to cope with the demands of an age of globalization. We hope to mold effective communicators with language skills that can enhance the development of society in general. We not only encourage students to take extra courses to consolidate their skills in language learning and critical thinking, we also suggest they choose a minor or double major to increase their scope of knowledge. Graduates of FLAL have earned an excellent reputation and performed well both in practical and academic fields. They have brought their acquired knowledge and skills into full play, manifesting their talent in the many options available to them. Some choose to become engaged in the fields of foreign trade translation, interpretation, recreation management, and shipment and logistics, among others. Many of those specialized in English teaching have started working at various levels in local school systems, after passing strict qualifications tests.